This year has come with more changes than we all anticipated. As it comes to an end, many of us are creating resolutions for the new year. If owning a home happens to be on your list for the coming year, these are fun facts about mortgages that might come in handy.

1. They’re literally home loans.


Mortgages are simply loans given to buy a house. You can opt for a traditional mortgage from a bank or a hard money loan. You might ask, “What is a hard money mortgage?” This is a short-term mortgage or loan that isn’t received from traditional lenders such as banks. These loans often come from private or individual companies that collect an asset or property as collateral. These kinds of loans are similar to conventional loans in that the loan amount is given in connection with the property value.

Certainly, the hard money mortgages are a great way to go if you’re not a fan of traditional banks or credit union facilities. However, before you’re considered for such a loan, potential investors will take your appeal through an approval process, which includes research into the original value of the property, the repair value if it’s a renovation, the monthly interest they can offer, and your credit score and credit card history. Private investors study all these to know whether you’re worth their time.

2. Large down payments aren’t necessary.

In many cases, we’re encouraged to offer a hefty down payment to secure a mortgage. While it helps support your application, a hefty down payment isn’t essential. Whether a conventional mortgage from a traditional financing firm or a personal loan from private individuals, it’s still possible to close a mortgage deal with a smaller percentage set aside as a down payment.

In some very common cases, some fully qualify for mortgages without the need for a down payment. This is concluded based on the location they intend to purchase from and the circumstances behind their need to purchase a rental property. If you want to buy a new home in Maryland, for example, you’ll find great finance institutions that offer this. Such a deal makes it very easy for potential homeowners from out of state to move into their new spaces. So, be sure to conduct further research on these traditional financing mortgage deals. And while you’re at it, try to look for professional Maryland movers who will help make your moving process, including packing and storage solutions, swifter.

3. They have rate fluctuations.


Many varying factors affect the amount of interest you’ll pay on your mortgage. These rates are extremely changeable and volatile, and most often, we never really know the details. Mortgage rates are said to shift almost daily. Whether it’s a private lender or a traditional lender, this is still the case. A short-term loan might have a higher interest rate in a couple of days, while some rental property investments will display a lower interest rate.

This often happens because lenders are known to offer specific deals only during certain seasons. They aim to offer an interest rate that attracts the masses and encourages them to act quickly before pricing changes. If you’re into real estate or are now learning to become a real estate investor, keep track of mortgage rates and act as quickly as possible on the favorable ones.

As much as possible, being vigilant when searching for the ideal mortgage plan is very important. Consider all the options, from traditional financing to hard money financing. Study short-term loans, rental property requirements, investment property needs, higher interest rates, and lower interest rates, making sure they greatly benefit your application.