As you know, one thing people are particular about is their hair, which is why the salon and spa industry is a vibrant industry worth over $60 billion. Furthermore, stylists and their clients often build personal bonds that go much deeper than the mere stylist-client relationship. Many people open up to their stylists and the other people in the salon in ways they simply can’t with other people in different settings. So, it’s plain to see that a beauty parlor is much more than a place to get a fresh do—it’s a cornerstone to the community that people rely on for much more than style. It’s like a classy bar without the booze.

With beauty shops being so valuable to their community, it’s integral for them to be involved in community affairs and causes. Indeed, business owners often have more sway with local officials, putting salon owners in a great position to speak for their communities. Furthermore, participating in worthy causes is a great way to build stronger bonds with your clientele, a great reputation for your business, and promote customer loyalty. So continue reading to learn some creative ways your beauty salon can give back to the community.

1. Host a community back-to-school event.


As you know, children are the next generation and the future of their community and indeed the United States. As a salon owner, you’re in a prime position to invest in the future leaders of tomorrow by providing your services. Consider throwing a back-to-school event for your local community. It’s an excellent way to make sure kids have all the back-to-school supplies they need and look sharp for their first day of school. You can even promote excellence in the classroom by inviting those who are excelling in honors-level classes to sit in your pipeless pedicure chair for a free pedicure.

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you have to do everything on your own. What will make it a community event is that you’re going to get the community involved. Hand a volunteer flyer to every other business owner and community leader in the local area to spread awareness and get more hands and resources for your back-to-school event. You can create attractive volunteer flyers using Lucidpress, a comprehensive online content creation platform.

2. Designate your salon as a safe place for women and children.


Another great way to serve your community is to make your salon a safe place for women and children in times of need. We all know that women and children sometimes find themselves in situations beyond their control and need protection until the proper authorities can take over. Your salon could serve as a haven for women and children trying to get away from abusive and other dangerous situations. For example, in some locations, salon staff are trained to spot signs that their clients may be victims of domestic violence.

3. Provide job opportunities for high school students and graduates.


One of the best ways to impact positive change in your local area is to give others opportunities to provide for and better themselves. You could give a job to a young high school student or graduate and give them a chance to see the salon industry up close. Of course, you must do your due diligence to learn the local regulations regarding hiring high school students.

Salons are vital to the communities they serve, and when they get involved in community causes, they can have a significant impact. Furthermore, giving back will help to strengthen the bonds between your salon and the community. There are also plenty of other great ways to give back to your neighborhood and city. It’s a good idea to do your research to find out what services your community needs most and work from there. With these tips, you can build a successful business and a better community. After all, one of the best things about being a successful entrepreneur is getting to effect positive change.