Winter is one of the most magical seasons of the year. It’s full of snowy wonder, bright lights, cozy days in, and the magic of Christmas. Whether you’re curling up on your couch with a hot chocolate and a good book or you’re out and about finishing your holiday shopping, you want to take on the winter months in style. That starts with the perfect winter fashion.

A season of snow and cheeriness is the perfect opportunity to try out some new elements of your wardrobe. Maybe you thrive in the winter. if so, trade in your shorts and sundresses for long pants, comfy sweaters, and festive scarves. The beauty of winter fashion is that it never goes out of style. Hats and scarves and puffy coats have been a staple of the season for as long as you can remember. So embrace the timeless aura of the season and get ready to turn every eye when you walk into a room. Here are just four of the timeless winter fashions for you to try out this season.

1. Get fabulous and practical footwear.

In the winter months, nothing ties an outfit together quite like a fabulous pair of boots. This isn’t just a fashion tip, but a practical requirement as well. Can you imagine trying to sludge through the snow or cold air in sandals or sneakers? It just wouldn’t get the job done. Instead, it’s a good idea to invest in water-resistant boots that will keep your feet warm and dry no matter the conditions outside. There are also so many fashion statements you can make with your footwear. Try some wide calf over-the-knee boots to show off your legs while keeping them warm. Usually, your shoes may be an afterthought to your look, but with statement boots like that, you can build your outfit off of your footwear. This is a great fashion tip to look fabulous and stay practical in the winter.

2. Outerwear can really make a statement.

Another practical need for cold temperatures is outerwear. You can’t expect to get through the winter or welcome in the next year without a proper coat. This is another opportunity to make a fashion statement. Pea coats or trench coats are a timeless piece to keep in your closet that you get to bring out at the first sign of snow to keep some insulation on your body. Keep yourself warm while looking your best. A fabulous coat can automatically elevate your look and make you seem more professional and put together. Do yourself a favor and invest in some gorgeous outerwear this season.

3. Make sure you’re getting your home in the holiday spirit.

This may seem like an unconventional fashion tip, but, for homeowners, your fashion can expand to your home as well. You won’t look as fabulous in your winter attire if you aren’t putting in effort on the decoration side, after all. Take the time to spruce up your house with garland and ornaments and a fireplace and wreaths and a Christmas tree, especially for the holiday season. Make a checklist for Christmas decorations and, just like Santa, be sure to check it twice. Not only will this look great and fashionable for your guests, but it will help bring a smile to your face. You’ll also want to winterize your home so you can stay cozy and warm throughout all the winter months. Caring about the fashion of your home is another great way to create special memories and winter traditions.

Add the best finishing touches.

Some of the most timeless fashion moments are actually in the accessories. While general fashions may change, a great hat and scarf will never go out of style. Finish off your holiday look with some simple jewelry like pearl earrings or a personalized charm bracelet. And consider going for a neutral winter makeup look and finish it off with a red lip. These final steps are what will elevate your look from great to fabulous.