In the face of scorching summer heat, many are looking for a reprieve from the relentless sun as we continue to dive deeper into the summer months. Fortunately, the majority of us are no strangers to heat, meaning that there’s plenty of great advice and innovative ideas out there to learn just how to cool down during the hottest months of the year. If you’re tired of feeling overheated, here are four tips for staying cool in the summer heat.

1. Make sure that you have plenty of cool drinks and frozen treats on hand.

It’s extremely important to hydrate during the summer months, as you can easily become dehydrated and even suffer from heat exhaustion if you’re not careful enough. Whether it’s water-filled to the brim with ice cubes, creative summer beverages, or even treats in your freezers like Italian ice or other juice-based treats, it’s important to have plenty of cool drinks and other items that will allow you to stay hydrated and keep your body cooler. With a little bit of creativity, you can easily find some recipes that you will truly enjoy consuming.

That being said, modern-day appliances (such as refrigerators with built-in ice makers specifically) may not be accustomed to our needs during the summer months. If you plan on using pounds of ice per day, it can be a good idea to invest in a greater counter top ice maker. A great portable ice maker will feature a large water reservoir to help you make pounds of ice in a matter of minutes and even reuse melted ice cubes in the reservoir to make the next batch of ice. If you know that you’re going to need plenty of nugget ice or ice cubes this summer, plan ahead by getting a countertop ice maker with plenty of awesome reviews.

2. Conduct maintenance on all the essential appliances in your home that keep you cool.


The overwhelming summer heat can cause a host of problems for appliances, which is why it’s important to assess their current state as soon as possible and make the necessary changes quickly. For example, one appliance that you should focus on is your refrigerator. Whether the seal of the refrigerator no longer keeps the cold air in, there seems to be a leak coming from your fridge, or there seems to be something wrong with the coils, these issues need to be addressed immediately. Consider conducting DIY refrigerator repair with the support of experienced technicians. This way, you can get your refrigerator repaired without having to deal with the hassle of getting someone to come in, assess the situation, go back and get their tools, and come back at a later time. Everything is done virtually these days, so why not your refrigerator repair?!

3. Use fans to distribute air more evenly throughout your home.

The only thing worse than hot air is hot, stagnant air. Along with your air conditioning, you should consider investing in some fans to help you distribute air more effectively throughout your home so that you can stay cool even when the air conditioning turns off. The good news? There are plenty of great summer fan options out there to provide you with the power and experience that you’re looking for.

4. Keep your curtains drawn so the sun doesn’t heat up your home too quickly.


Your windows can act like magnifying glasses when the sun is at its peak, heating up your home faster than your air conditioner can cool it. Although you’ll want to keep your windows and your curtains open at night to enjoy the cool night air, you should always close your windows and your curtains in the morning to keep hot air and heat from coming in and heating your house up faster than it should be. You may even wish to invest in blackout curtains or thicker options to block heat more effectively.

Summer is hot, but the majority of us are quite resourceful. If you want to stay cool all summer, use the four tips above to take the right steps and invest in the right products so that you can be prepared!