Education is a huge tool for people to grow academically, as well as professionally. For this reason and many others, you may be seeking higher education beyond your bachelor’s degree. Whether you just graduated, or you have spent a few years in the field, it can be beneficial to go back to school to get a master’s degree. Especially in the business field, an MBA can help you get a better job offer, move up in your career, or earn higher wages. And if you’re looking at the best programs, you may need to relocate to a new city for the best education.

With so many wonderful business schools across the country, there are plenty of opportunities for you to find success. Just as many people may relocate for a new job or to start a new home, you may have to move to start at a new school. Relocating can be a tricky thing to navigate. You’re picking up your belongings and life as you know it to transition to a new location. It can be costly and stressful, but with these helpful hints, you should be able to make your transition to business school a smooth and easy one.

1. Find and get accepted at your dream school.

Before you can even think about relocation policies or moving expenses, you need to first get into a good business school. Admission into these top programs is not always easy. It can help to gain insights and work with an admissions counselor who can help you beef up your resume, find a good list of schools for you, and improve your interview skills. Whether you’re getting ready for your Harvard Business School or Berkeley HAAS interview, it’s an important thing to work with someone who knows exactly what the admissions committee is looking for. This will help you stand out and land a spot at your dream school. Once you know where you’re going, you can focus on how you’ll get there.

2. Negotiate financial aid and/or relocation.

Many business school students can apply for financial aid to get their MBA. In some cases, companies will even pay for their current employees to get that higher degree. You may be able to negotiate with the university or a bank to get more financial aid, scholarships, or help with relocation costs. Companies will often offer a relocation package to employees. During the application process, you can speak to your recruiter about any financial needs you may have. If you’re also starting a new position on staff as a part of your MBA program, they may be able to help with a lump sum payment or reimbursement for your relocation costs.

3. Take time to visit before the big move.

Relocating to a place you know nothing about can be scary. Before you transition to grad school, take the time to visit the campus and the surrounding city. Tour apartments, and know where you’re moving. This will take the guesswork out of moving to a new place and help give you peace of mind.

4. Get settled before the semester starts.

Starting an intense MBA program can be a stressful time. You want to be able to focus on school and not be stressed about settling in. We recommend moving in at least a few weeks before classes start, so you can settle into your new job and new space before the semester starts.

5. Plan your move way ahead of time.

Moving takes a lot of intricate planning. Be prepared ahead of time. You’ll typically be admitted to a grad program months before you actually start school again. Call the moving company, and sign on for an apartment as soon as you can. This will help you plan and prepare for your big relocation.