Growing old gracefully is a myth. No woman wants to wander into her golden years smiling, displaying every laugh line and wrinkle she’s ever had while bending to the will of hot flashes, her body’s version of an internal sauna. No, whether we admit it or not, we try to age with a bit of grace, but in most cases, the process plays out more like a street fight. We try to get the upper hand by cheating slightly, but in the end, age wins. Sure, we take the defeat with our heads held high, but it still likes to kick us while we’re down.

Menopause is one of the weapons a woman’s body uses against us during this fight. It’s our body’s way of telling us we aren’t at that baby-bearing age any longer. Instead of making the process easy, we get all the fun menopausal symptoms we grew up hearing our grandmothers and mothers complaining about. Night sweats, hot flashes, crazy hair growth, migraines, and a host of other issues decide to pay us a visit to bid farewell to our baby-making days and welcome our next phase in life. It’s not fair, but, hey, we’re women. We can take it, right? Yes, we can, and here are a few ways we can deal with the impact of menopause.

Dress like a queen whether you feel like one or not.


Menopause doesn’t have to be the end of the world. Yes, the symptoms can be brutal, but like with so many things in our lives, we can face these issues head-on. Hot flashes may leave us wishing we could run naked in the streets, but after all our years in this world, we know that’s not a possibility. Instead, choosing the right menopause clothing can make dealing with hot flashes easier.

When purchasing clothes for this battle, remember to go with comfort. The last thing you want, while fighting an internal monster, is to feel restricted or overheated. Swelling, discomfort, and unwanted moisture go along with menopause so be prepared to deal with them on a daily basis. You can still dress like the queen you are while knowing you’re mentally and physically prepared to take on whatever your body decides to throw at you today.

Saying goodbye to the unwanted hair is a step in the right direction.


Dark hair, random hair follicles, and added fuzz in your armpit are not ideal for any woman at any age. These rogue hairs can cause an untidy bikini area and ingrown hairs, not to mention darker skin and pigmentation changes. Luckily, we have the tools to fight back against this attack from our bodies. With a visit to your favorite laser hair removal specialist, you can say goodbye to your body hair if you choose.

Is laser hair removal safe? Yes, for most people this process is completely safe. The laser hair removal procedure can be easily recovered and doesn’t involve extensive downtimes. Plus, laser hair removal doesn’t cost a lot of money and saves a ton of time you would have spent shaving or waxing. This, for women, is a huge win.

Remember to celebrate the good things


Menopause may make our bodies change and bring about new irritability we sometimes can’t control, but that doesn’t stop the good things in life. We have kids, grandkids, spouses, and other special people in our lives we still love. Our crankiness and higher body temperature don’t change any of that. We still want to celebrate the good times with those we care about.

As the more experienced members of the family, others may turn to use for cheap birthday party ideas or other celebratory advice. Considering our hot flashes, it makes sense that we would know where to buy the best ice cream and snacks. Allowing us to have a look at the guest list will even save issues with us clashing against people who kick our menopause irritability into overdrive. This will make the day or evening better for everyone involved.

If you’re at the age where menopause is having an impact on your life, remember to keep fighting. Yes, this may be a war we cannot win, but each battle has its own rewards. Women still rule the world, even menopausal ones who need ice packs to make it through the day. Never forget that and make the most of your new phase of life. There’s still so much you can experience and enjoy.