Destination proposals are becoming more and more popular, and it’s easy to see why. The environment you propose is incredibly important, and a trip to a much-loved favorite spot or somewhere you’ve both been dying to go is a perfect surprise.

If you’re planning to include your family in the proposal, a destination can be a great way to celebrate the engagement with your loved ones. The memories you’ll make planning the perfect destination proposal are invaluable and you’ll treasure them for the rest of your life, especially if you include the people who are most important to you. If you’re thinking about a destination proposal that includes your family, let’s go over some basics so you know where to start.

Finding a Ring


Everyone knows that the first step to planning a proposal is finding the perfect ring. If you’re comfortable with your partner knowing that you plan on proposing, you can talk to them about their preferences and dislikes. If you’d rather keep it a complete surprise, try to get an idea of what type of jewelry they prefer by looking at what they wear often. Keep in mind that a ring is typically worn every day, so choosing something that would fit with any type of outfit is important. Diamonds are the most traditional stone for engagement rings, but you can always look at unique stones or styles if you’re not interested in diamonds or find them too expensive.

One option you may not have considered is a ring using lab-grown diamonds instead of mined stones. In addition to being free of the ethical concerns surrounding mined diamonds, you may also find you can save money on a simulated diamond. Agape Diamonds is one of the leaders in this space, and if you’re unsure about lab-grown diamonds, you can read Agape Diamond reviews to see how satisfied customers are.

Choosing a Destination


The most important part of a destination proposal is, of course, choosing the destination itself. When selecting the destination, think about where your partner would love to visit. While it’s important to consider the needs of your family, a proposal is ultimately about you and your future fiancée. Somewhere you’ll be able to have private time with your partner that also offers activities to enjoy with a larger group is ideal. A dream destination you’ve always wanted to visit is a good idea, or you can go somewhere you’ve been before where you have special memories.

Disney World is one of the most popular destinations for proposals and even weddings in the country. If you plan a Disney trip, keep in mind they offer several packages that provide good value and a great experience. If you’re going somewhere like Disney World that features various activities that will be a part of the day, remember that younger children tire easily and can be uncomfortable spending long days in the hot sun. Look into Disney Magic Kingdom stroller rental if you’re in Orlando, or look for a similar service elsewhere. It’s less of a hassle not to travel with your own stroller, so a rental stroller is much more convenient. If you’re proposing to someone who loves Disney, why not head to a Disney resort propose in the Magic Kingdom?

Planning Your Proposal


Taking care of the logistics surrounding your proposal is the key to making sure it goes off without a hitch. Once you have an engagement ring and a destination in mind, it’s time to make it all happen. If your partner is aware that the trip is happening, don’t wait until you arrive to make a plan. Call the hotel concierge to add special touches like ordering your partner’s favorite flowers for your room or for help finding the perfect restaurant or beautiful location to take your fiancée-to-be. When traveling, make sure to safely secure the engagement ring in your carry-on luggage and choose a nondescript, medium-sized box to avoid having the surprise ruined by a search. If you plan on keeping your trip a surprise, make sure you know that their schedule is clear (reach out to a coworker or boss if you can), take care of transportation, and either pack their bags for them or tell them the day of or night before that you’re going on a trip and let them pack themselves.

Whatever location you choose, make sure you plan your special moment well in advance. Do as much as you can so that you can reduce your stress and give yourself fewer things to worry about on the day of the proposal. Take your time to think about what type of environment your partner would enjoy, and think about their preferences and style when selecting a ring. The experience of your proposal is the epitome of a special occasion, so make it as joyful as you can and enjoy celebrating with your friends and family somewhere magical — the memories will last a lifetime.