Giving the special woman in your life a meaningful gift doesn’t have to be complicated. Even the woman who seems to have it all will appreciate thoughtful gifts that you put your heart into. While they don’t need to cost a lot of money, the best gifts are those where the giver has taken the time to really think them through. If you have a special woman on your list but aren’t sure what to get, read on.



You can never go wrong with jewelry. A classic gift for a reason, that special woman in your life will love what you pick out for her. Whether it’s an engagement ring from a Baltimore jewelry store or a custom piece based on your last vacation together, the key to picking out the right gem for her is the thought that goes into your selection.

Think about her favorite color, her birthstone, or any collections she might have. Maybe she collects dolphins and loves the sea, for example. Instead of going for the token heart or oval, what about a dolphin tail pendant? Consider custom pieces and engravings too. The more personal your choice is, the more likely she is to love it.



Many women like lingerie and wearing it as much as their partners. For many women, sexy undergarments make them feel beautiful. If your partner is always searching for the right demi bra, lacy thong, or even that dress that shows her cleavage off, there’s no reason you can’t lend a hand. Whether it’s a gift card to her favorite lingerie store, or better, an item you pick out for her, you can’t go wrong picking something you know she already loves.

When picking lingerie for her, consider her favorite colors and the styles she naturally likes to wear. From sexy nightgowns to something even more conservative like a sexy strapless dress, you’re bound to make her smile. Be sure to tell her how beautiful you know she’ll look it in when you give it to her, too.

Books and Poetry


If the woman on your list’s a reader, books are a great idea. Both personal and relatively inexpensive, the gift of books is something she can use right away but also keep forever. If your partner, mother, sister, or grandmother love to read, think about the types of stories they love. Consider memoirs too. Is there a famous person they adore who’s just put out an autobiography? When considering books or poetry as gifts, think about interests, too. Maybe she loves pottery or gardening. Books that give new ideas or insight on something else she loves are always appreciated.

Handmade Gifts


Most women love a gift from the heart. Nothing says love like something you made with your own hands. From the time it takes to make a gift to the thought behind it, don’t rule out handmade gifts. If you’re great with wood, consider building her a blanket chest. If you’re awesome with a pottery wheel, why not make her a custom piece to match her dishes? No matter what you make from her, she’s sure to treasure it. Be sure to sign or initial it as, odds are, she’ll keep it forever.

In the end, no matter what the nature of your relationship with that special woman in your life, she’ll appreciate a well thought out gift. From custom jewelry backed with personal sentiment to handmade gifts or even that lace balconette bra, if you put thought into it, you’re already set up for success. When you give that special woman your gift, be sure to explain why you thought it would be perfect for her. When she understands the sentiment, she’ll love you even more. Happy gift giving to you and your lucky recipient!