Whether you’re looking at houses for sale in Karachi, on the study, on real estate work assignments, or simply collecting life experience and memories, you can look your best while living abroad with planning. In fact, dressing sharp while living abroad can be almost as exciting as the adventure itself if you plan ahead.

Accessories and something as basic as pre-owned watches can take on a whole new level of sass in a different culture. Here are a few tips on how to dress and pack smart before pulling out your passport and kissing your loved one’s goodbye.

Consider location.


Different cultures have different ideas about what is and aren’t appropriate attire, and they don’t always align with the United States. What works in North Karachi might not be right for North Nazimabad. While dressing sharp is both fun and important as you acclimate, take care to honor your temporary home’s traditions and values too. That is, do your research ahead of time to find out what may or may not be considered appropriate dress in the country you will be living in. Find out ahead of time what wardrobe “must-haves” the locals turn to. Not only will this help you anticipate the trip in a positive way, but it will make your overall experience more authentic.

Think about the climate.

Whether you’ll be living in a bungalow, dorm room, flat, bedroom house, or an executive suite, you’ll want to consider the overall climate of the country you’re traveling to before you leave. Packing for Iceland is different than packing for Mexico. Base the items you choose in the country you’re traveling to even if it means buying key pieces ahead of time or tearing your bedroom apart to see what you have. A few simple clothing and accessory items for any potential weather situation will do the trick. The last thing you want is to be caught in a rainforest without a rain jacket.

Plan to layer.


No matter where you’ll be living, climates can fluctuate. For this reason, and because you can only travel with so much, be sure to think about layering options while packing your suitcase. Look for wrinkle-free or resistant items that are in good condition and will stand up to frequent use. While you’re sure to pick up some new clothing in the country you’re traveling to, you will want the staples with you when you arrive.

When packing, consider affording easy access to items you may need during travel. A trip from New York in the winter won’t call for the same outfit as a South American arrival will. Even if it’s leaving extra room in your bag to stuff a sweater in, plan for not only what layers to bring but how you will access them.

Pack smart.

When thinking about packing layers, consider leaving more valuable items at home. For example, bringing a Rolex might not be a great idea unless you carry a traveler’s insurance. Keeping limited edition and expensive items at home and opting for simple, versatile pieces and accessories is a better bet than packing your favorites. Choose a style, fashion, and functionality over luxury for now, and leave that dream watch at home. Consider items that are both durable and functional when you make your final choices. Try to leave behind items with buckles or other fasteners that might snag on other items.

While should leave more expensive items at home, this is not to say you can’t bring a favorite bracelet or that stainless steel pair of stud earrings you adore. For this, consider wearing them on your body to prevent them from being potentially lost with luggage.

Before You Leave


Living abroad is an exciting adventure. Any explorer can make the experience memorable and successful if they take the time to do their research. Look into local customs, fashion trends, and more, and you’ll be looking sharp abroad before you know it. Happy travels!