If you’re looking to get back in the gym and need some motivation or your old workouts just aren’t cutting it anymore, it may be all about introducing some new products into your routine. It isn’t just free weights and yoga mats that can help you maximize your workout, there are gym accessories and nutritional products that can help you get shredded as well. If you’re looking for some new products that will help you maximize your potential in the gym or at home, here are five products that you should give a try.

1. Plug into your phone for some energy-boosting workout tunes. 88

If you find yourself losing steam halfway, or even a quarter of the way, through your workout routine, it may be time to start exercising to some new music. Many exercise fiends like to bring their cell phones with them to the gym or on their run so that they can blast 90s throwbacks or upbeat hip hop to help them through their workouts. However, some may not have a cell phone or electronic device with music-playing capacity, or, they may not want to bring their smartphone for fear it will get damaged. If you fall into one of these categories, but don’t want to spend too much money getting another new device, consider getting a refurbished cell phone at a discount. You can find old series’ iPhones or other smartphones that can store all your get-it-done playlists and can even serve as a fitness tracker.

2. Liven up your go-to meals with a new book of recipes with exercise and metabolism in mind.

Your workouts may be stalling because of problems in the kitchen. Maybe you’re feeling uninspired by your typical lunch and dinner routine, and some fresh new recipes can motivate you to do better. Consider picking up a cookbook that includes recipes that are tailored to your goals. For instance, there are cookbooks geared toward losing weight, gaining muscle, or even cleansing your body and your gut. Whatever your goals are, a book of new recipes to try can motivate you.

3. Invest in the proper base layer garments to help you go way harder.

You may be feeling tired, sore, or uncomfortable following your exercise sessions if your base layer undergarments aren’t up to the task. Having a proper wardrobe of intimates is just as important as having a seasonally-appropriate wardrobe. While lingerie may be called for in some situations, still others require a bit more support. Invest in a few high-quality sports bras that can stand up to your hardest training days. Visit bra stores that specialize in fitting women’s bodies and lifestyles to find the base layer that best fits you.

4. Get vital nutrients and protein with high-quality protein powder.

Whether you’re bulking or cutting, getting enough protein in your diet is absolutely vital. Especially if you’re feeling too sluggish for the gym, consider picking up some new protein powder from the highest quality protein powder manufacturer. Getting a private label whey protein powder supplement is key in gaining back the energy you may have lost mid-gym day. You could seriously turn your energy levels around with just a scoop of vanilla whey in your smoothie each morning.

5. Consider picking up a water bottle that helps with your hydration goals.

Getting enough water should be at the top of your list for fitness goals. If you find yourself having trouble hitting your daily water totals, you may want to find a water bottle that helps you track your hydration. Some water bottles connect via Bluetooth to your cell phone to help remind you to drink up, and to record your daily water intake.