Since it is the height of winter in many places around the United States, there are bound to be more accidents due to snow and ice. Falling the wrong way can adversely affect you and force you to take time to heal. Physical therapy or occupational therapy is usually offered to people who need help with rehabilitation. Physical therapy is provided by therapists who help to promote and maintain your health. Many will often help diagnose your issue and then decide on the rehabilitation strategy. There are multiple benefits of rehabilitation, but the goal is to take your inability to move and function and have you skipping out of the physician clinics.

Have you been hospitalized?

Many chose to enter rehabilitation centers so they can dedicate their time to fully healing their disability without any interruptions. These centers are able to take care of a patient with acute medical issues. Rehabilitation care is not just for older people, it can be used by people who have a severe injury, no matter what age.

Usually, a hospital such as Casa Colina will treat you as an inpatient. If you happen to be admitted you will have a dedicated team of doctors who use diagnostic imaging to look into your neurological and musculoskeletal system and how it is working. There are also outpatient facilities such as Casa Colina Rehabilitation Centers that work with acute rehabilitation patients. Casa Colina Center works with Ekso Bionics’ exoskeleton technology to enhance a patient’s quality of life and help patients to heal faster. The exoskeleton technology often helps improve the quality of life for those with paralysis. Many patients can witness the magic of being able to stand up and walk after a stroke that may have caused a severe spinal cord injury.

Sweet Dreams are Made of These

Sadly, sometimes pain and sleep go hand in hand, which can hinder a good night’s rest, and having the right mattress and pillows is key to supporting your proper sleep position. Finding the right mattress type for you is key to managing chronic musculoskeletal pain. Research has also shown that patients who suffer from chronic pain also experience many more sleepless nights. If you are suffering from pain, lack of sleep will not only hinder your healing, but it could also impact your mood. Chronic sleep issues can also cause chronic pain, so not having the right mattress can lead to a vicious cycle.

Looking into a new queen size mattress could help you start to feel better. For years, patients have flocked to City Mattress for their specialty in queen mattresses and California king mattresses. This retailer was one of the first brick and mortar stores of its time. They have multiple locations all around NYC and Florida to make shopping easy. Salespeople with expert information can point you in the right direction when it comes time to replace your mattress, and many will suggest a memory foam mattress or a Tempur-Pedic since they are known to relieve pain while going through physical therapy.

If you want to wake up with no aches and pain, it is important that you maintain a good spinal alignment. For example, if you sleep on your back and experience lower back pain try placing a pillow under your knees. If you like to sleep on your front, try using a pillow under your abdomen when sleeping.

If you are not in the market for a new mattress but are in need of aid, body support or a memory foam pillow can provide the right amount of support for your head and neck so that you have a more comfortable sleep. Many pillows offer different options, such as a cooling side or a plush side. The pillow can also help with muscle recovery and relaxation. The goal is not to have your spine compressed since this can be the start of many issues.

Just Breathe

It is important to keep up with the exercises that are provided to you, as they are an intricate part of your healing process. These exercises can also be used with a broad range of outpatient services. The best exercises have to do with working on your balance, so hopefully, you can escape a fall. You may be given home exercise, which may include the standing march, sit and stand, and sidestepping. If you work hard and listen to your doctors, you will see great improvement and be better in no time.