Many people fear living alone for the first time, thinking they’ll be lonely. During the Covid-19 pandemic, others worry that living alone means they’ll feel more isolated due to social distancing and gathering restrictions. However, there are others who believe living alone is the best way to go, and for good reason. If you’re not sure whether you should live alone, get a roommate, or move in with family, here are some positive things to consider about living alone.

Focusing on Self-care


People who live alone in the United States are in a fantastic position to engage in daily self-care activities that others might not have the time or money to partake in. Quiet nights reading without being interrupted, being able to jump out of bed to call in a prescription drug prescription you forgot and to search for best RX coupons without disturbing anyone, and being able to keep the house as cold as you want in summer are just a few reasons why living alone can be great for your mental and physical health.

Maybe you suffer from a chronic health condition and struggle with insomnia due to your prescription medication, or maybe you just enjoy cooking at odd hours of the night. If you live alone, you can follow your body’s clock and structure your work schedule a different way than you might be able to with roommates.

Freedom to Live Authentically


Along with the freedom that comes with the ability to engage in self-care at a moment’s notice is the ability to engage in any other activities you want without judgment. For some, this could include the use of cannabis oil, a vape, the perfect weed cartridge, or even a black market product. That is if your nerve endings are frayed, living alone can mean more options with how you choose to handle the friction that can come with living in unconventional times during a global pandemic.

If self-care is something that matters to you, consider CBD products that might help with pain, insomnia, or anxiety. If self-care, for you, means travel, consider planning a hiking or camping trip soon. The best part of living alone is that you won’t need to answer to anyone and can make decisions for yourself based upon mood.

Ability to Choose When and How to Socialize


Even the most introverted people generally have a desire to socialize from time to time. The great thing about living alone is that there’s a good chance you’ll be able to decide when you’re in the mood to connect with friends, family, and romantic partners and when you’d rather be left alone. An excellent way to get to know yourself better, living alone can mean a little more experimentation in how you socialize, too. For some people who live alone, they only meet in public or at other people’s places as a great way to protect their sanctuary.

Living alone can mean time for solo play when it comes to sexuality, too. From the ability to try out creative masturbation techniques without anyone listening in through a shared wall to a decision on whether to call a partner for mutual masturbation over the phone, living alone means more room for experimentation with sex and whole body sexual awareness or a favorite sex toy.

At the end of the day, whether you decide to live alone, with roommates, or with family, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons of how much you value your privacy. If privacy is key for you, you need a quiet place to work, you have an illness or allergy sensitivity and the only way to feel better is in peace, living alone could be the best way to go.