Are you feeling like it’s time to take a road trip? Miami could be your perfect place to drive to. It’s got sun, sand, nightlife, and just about anything you could think of for a perfect vacation destination. The best part about a road trip is that it isn’t just about where you’re going. It’s also about the journey.

Getting there safely and comfortably while also enjoying some of the stops along the way is just as important as what you actually do in the city. For the best road trip, it’s important to be prepared. Having some semblance of a structure to your drive will make breaking that schedule to see the world’s smallest police station even more satisfying. Here are five tips to make your road trip a great experience.

Buy some chic and comfortable clothes.

When you’re scrunched in a car for hours on end, you want to make sure you’re in the most comfortable clothing possible. You’ll want to be wearing material that’s breathable and has a little give for when you shift in your seat. On the flip side, you’ll also want to be wearing something fashionable for when you hop out and take pictures at tourist sights.

You can actually get the best of both worlds by specifically looking for travel clothes for women or men. Some designers have put an eye on the needs of their consumers when on the road or in the air. They understand the need to look amazing without feeling constricted. So before heading out on the open road, make sure you buy the clothes you’ll need.

Be prepared in case of an accident.

Of course, you don’t want to think about getting into a car accident on your road trip. However, it’s much better to be prepared in case of an emergency than leaving it all up to chance. When you mark out the path you’re planning on taking, make sure you take stock of where hospitals are along the way. It might sound ridiculous now, but it could be very useful information in the future.

It’s also doesn’t hurt to know about a few Miami car accident lawyers. There are thousands of car accidents that happen in the United States every day with varying degrees of severity. Knowing who to reach out to in case you’re injured can alleviate some of the confusion during a traumatic experience, like being in a car accident far away from your hometown. It seems like the more you’re prepared, the less likely you’ll actually need to use that information.

Pack your own food.

Road tripping can get expensive very quickly if you’re eating out at every stop. If you’ve budgeted for this, then you’re fine, but if this road trip is more of a last-minute adventure, you may want to do yourself a favor and pack some food for breakfasts and lunches. Stop by local grocery stores, pick up some supplies for sandwiches, and get some snacks while you’re at it. You’ll be thankful that you did when you get home and your bank account’s still booming.

Make a plan to switch out drivers.

Road trips are always better with friends. You can also use the multi-person system to your advantage. Having someone else to take the wheel when you’re tired or need a mental break can help prevent accidents from happening in the first place. You’ll also have someone to turn the radio up with and sing at the top of your lungs. You know, road trip stuff!

Know when to take a Lyft home.

Once you get to Miami, you might be tempted to drive everywhere — since you have a car. Miami really does have great nightlife, so you’ll obviously want to partake. When you go out, it might be better to leave the car at home and take a Lyft to and from the venue. Obviously, drinking and driving is dangerous, so plan ahead and tip your driver!