Don’t let the heat of summer keep you from looking your best. All you need is some concealer and lashes for the perfect sun-kissed look. It’s probably not a good idea to wear mascara to the beach or the pool, as you’ll be running back and forth to a mirror to keep it from running down your face. And have you ever tried wearing false eyelashes on a hot summer day? With normal fake lashes, you risk sweating off the glue and losing your lashes (or worse – losing just one). Yikes.

For anyone who works in the heat all day, you know the importance of wearing high-quality makeup. Performers, food service employees, or construction workers who love a perfect cat-eye need to try¬†magnetic lashes. Seriously, it’s for your sanity. There is a bit of a learning curve that comes with switching over, but it’s worth it. Magnetic lashes give you the smudge-proof eye-popping style you desire without the fuss of mascara, regular liner, or glue.

How do they work?

Some magnetic eyelashes have an upper and lower lash that connect via tiny magnets along the lash line. If you buy the cheapest magnetic lashes you can find, they will probably have just one magnet on each side of the lash. I’m not gonna lie: false lashes like this fall off more easily. Another more trustworthy option is a false lash that attaches to magnetic eyeliner. First, you apply magnetic liquid eyeliner just like you would regular liner. Wait until it’s 80% dry. Then line up the magnets with the magnetic eyeliner and gently press down, so that the magnets make a connection. Invest in a pair of lashes that has a full strip of magnets along the lash line to ensure the longevity of your look.

Are they worth it?

Perhaps you’re thinking, “if I’m going to pay for a nice pair of magnetic lashes, I might as well get eyelash extensions because they won’t fall off.” That isn’t necessarily the case. First of all, lash extensions can and will unexpectedly detach, especially if it’s your first time. You may need to change cosmetics or skincare products because the oil causes the extensions to fall out. Talk about a waste of money. Also, lash extensions cost more (potentially way more) then a nice pair of magnetic lashes. There is no need to pay the exorbitant cost for lash extensions every month, not to mention the cost of buying new skincare products, when you could get a single pair of magnetic lashes that will last up 40 uses if properly cared for. Simply scratch off the dried magnetic liner from the magnets between uses, and always store them in a case for safe-keeping.

Will they look unnatural?

It depends on what you’re going for. Just like the false lashes you glue, you can choose the length and volume of your magnetic eyelashes. Some look more like a clump-free coat of mascara. Others give subtle glam, particularly if you have to wear a matte black liquid eyeliner in order to put them on. Of course, you will also have the option to go full glam with lashes that are inches long, brightly colored, or look like the pair that Lady Gaga is wearing in the above gif.

So no, magnetic lashes don’t fall off if you buy a high-quality pair. Both your liner and your lashes will be smudge-resistant all day and all night, so you can work or party and not worry about ruining your makeup. You may even wear them so much that you don’t remember what your real lashes look like anymore.