No matter what type of your business you’re in, making sure that you’re getting word of your work out into the world is of the utmost importance for continued success. But building your audience isn’t always easy, especially if you’re unsure of where to begin.

The good news? Getting started can be easy once you’re pointed in the right direction. To help you reach your marketing goals, here are five ways to reach a larger audience that you should begin focusing on immediately.


1. Figure out exactly who your audience is.

Growing your audience can be difficult if you don’t know who exactly you’re trying to reach with your marketing efforts. Whether you’re a product-based business or a service-based business, chances are that you’re already connecting with people. Take the time to learn more about your audience and who they are as a collective and as individuals to gain a better understanding of who you need to target moving forward. You can also ask yourself questions like, what is the mission of my business? Who does my product or service serve? Who would I like my product or service to serve in the future?

Take this information and use it to develop a clearer picture of who your company is reaching and what type of content you need to create as well as how you need to market yourself in order to reach this population. The more research you do to understand who your current audience is, how you can best reach them, and what they’re really looking for from your business, the easier it’ll be to grow that audience over time.

2. Make regular engagement a must-do on your to-do list.


With all of the business activities that your organization is engaging in, chances are that pushing out multiple social media posts and responding to individuals online aren’t at the top of your list of priorities. However, given the fact that social media is both free and offers you ample opportunity to bring renewed interest to your products and services, it should be. In order to reach a larger audience, you should actively be seeking to put more posts out that add value to your audience’s life, showcase your product or service’s worth, and talk about some of your satisfied customers. Now may even be the time to step up your social media game and considering renting a new tool like a Canon RF lens to produce even better visuals for platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Of course, reaching these goals may often be the most difficult part of the process. If it’s a matter of highlighting this goal in your organization, consider adding an integration to your collaborative software, like a Microsoft Teams OKR. Objectives and Key Results is a system that helps your business identify your key goals and develop measurable steps that can be taken to reach those goals. With this type of system integrated into your collaborative software, building your marketing strategy and reaching a larger audience can become a reality.

3. Gain your audience’s favor by testing out new promotional tactics.

Different consumers respond to different things. Therefore, building a larger audience will often be made possible by trying out different promotional tactics in order to pique the interest of those who are just now hearing about your business. This can mean giving customers rewards for joining a referral program, developing surveys with rewards like coupons to get more feedback about your product and service, or even having special freebies available throughout the month. If you think that your promotional tactics may need some work in order to build a larger audience, take some time to learn how to increase sales so that you can boost your platform more effectively.

4. Partner with someone in your niche or even someone complementary outside of your niche.


Collaboration can be extremely effective when looking to build your audience, especially if you collaborate with a professional that’s in a niche that’s complementary to yours. Say, for example, that you’re an orthodontist who’s just moved to your area and opened your own practice. In order to grow a larger base of clients, you may reach out to a local dentist and collaborate with them. Whoever comes to your practice can be directed to the dentist you’re collaborating with and the dentist can refer clients to you who may be looking for help straightening their teeth. Although this is just one example, it’s crucial that you start networking and developing relationships as soon as you can so that way you can work with others and tap into their audience through these collaborative efforts.

5. Target multiple marketing channels at once.

We tend to stick with what we know, especially if what we know provides us with good results. However, focus on building your audience using multiple channels, also known as omnichannel marketing. This can be an extremely effective way to grow your audience and retain those who come across your marketing strategy.

Set aside some time to figure out which channels are most likely to bring in your desired audience, exactly what you need in order to effectively market for each of those channels, and automate the process while regularly reviewing the analytics so that you’re able to optimize your efforts and get more out of the campaigns you’re promoting. If you put the most effort into your campaigns and look for as many ways possible to attract the right people to your business (while providing high-quality products or services, of course), you’re going to eventually receive the engagement that you’re looking for.

Attempting to grow your audience can seem like a daunting, if not unachievable, task. However, like everything in business, it can be done with the right knowledge and perseverance. If you’ve been looking to expand your audience but don’t know where to get started, use the five helpful tips above to get word of your business out there and achieve the level of growth that you need to take your business to the next level!