When it comes to spirituality, there is no right or wrong definition. There is also no correct way to practice it, since it comes down to personal preference. Everyone can interpret spirituality in their own way and mold it to what best fits their needs. It’s okay if your meaning of spirituality changes over time, since we, as humans, often evolve and experience changes to our intuition. Many would say that theology is the knowledge of something bigger than one’s self, while others just enjoy practicing yoga. By having a deep spiritual connection, you can also achieve better mental and physical health.

Find time to meditate.

One of the ways to connect with your own spirit is to meditate. The idea behind the art of meditation is to be able to turn off your brain and spend some quiet time with yourself. Even though many believe they will struggle to meditate, anyone can do it if they take the time. Meditation has been proven to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, according to Harvard University. There is no perfect time to start and comes down to each person’s own discretion. Meditation can be done on the hardwood floors in your living room, in your kitchen, or anywhere else—it’s that easy. Taking time for yourself has many positive benefits, which can include greater focus and improved memory. One of the best side effects of quieting the mind is that the practice can help your brain to grow.

Angels are everywhere.

Angels often try to help you connect to your spiritual side and give you a spiritual awakening. Many believe that angels use angelic numerology to speak with those back on earth. Some people believe that the angels send coded messages in specific numerical sequences. Angel numbers are able to give each receiver specific vision and guidance. Most of the time, these numbers are delivered at a particular time in your life. The most spiritual number is nine, because it represents the Archangels. Guardian angel numbers can also be repeated in numbers, often in quadruplicity. For example, the 1111 meaning is a message to be super aware of your thoughts. The meaning of number 1111 is that an energetic gateway has opened for you. At the end of the day, angels or spirit guides are just trying to get your attention so you can make the most of the good news coming your way and head in the right direction.

Put effort into yourself.


The best time for big remodeling projects is always—and that doesn’t just have to be for your home, it can mean a remodel for yourself. If you are looking to connect on a more spiritual level, there is no time like the New Year to find your well of inspiration and manifest it. You can find your motivation for yourself in music, literature, people, really almost anything. Once you find an idea that radiates passion within you, all you have to do is make time for yourself to enjoy it and you’ll be heading down the right path. Inspiration has a significant effect on important life decisions. Others chose to start small by finding one phrase that means something to them, almost like a daily affirmation. This phrase helps them remember what their goal is and will always connect them to their spiritual side.

Give up the negative.

Spending time with people who make you feel lesser can not only deplete your soul, but it can take the energy right out of you. If someone is emotionally draining you, it can start to affect your daily life and those around you. Negative energy latches on to someone who is usually helpful to them and then clings on until they use you all up. Make it a point to think about those who are currently in your life and ask yourself if they give you energy or steal it? If you come to realize that they are stealing your happiness, then it is best to keep your distance. To make sure you are getting the most out of your spirituality, you want only to have people in your life who bring you love and joy as it is about new beginnings.

Spirituality can mean what you want it to mean—enlightenment, encouragement, greater attention to your inside self, or anything else. Take the time to connect to your spiritual self by practicing gratitude and looking into these tips in the new year.