It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Christmas is a truly magical season full of family, traditions, and, of course, presents. When it comes to the holiday’s everything is bigger and better. From giant Christmas trees to winter wonderlands to a constant soundtrack to set the mood, this season gets to be as over the top as it wants. And there is no reason your family shouldn’t go over the top as well!

Giving gifts you know your loved ones will enjoy is one of the most fun and exciting elements of the Christmas season. You just love that perfect feeling of knowing they will open that gift with a huge smile on their face. So this year, why not go all-in? 2020 has been a rough year for a lot of people, but there is nothing the magic of Christmas can’t make a little bit better. You deserve a treat and so does your family. This year, think outside the box when you’re planning what will go under the tree. In what ways can your whole family enjoy this season and reconnect with each other? How can you make this year truly special? Remember, Santa isn’t the only one pulling off extravagant surprises this year. Read on for just a few suggestions of ways to create over-the-top, magical Christmas moments that your family is sure to be talking about for many Christmases to come.

Take a trip.

Sometimes the best Christmas presents aren’t things at all, but rather exciting, once-in-a-lifetime experiences. This year, consider giving the gift of a fun trip or extravagant getaway. Go on that cruise to the Bahamas, take the family for a week at Disney World, or jet off to Europe. You can even enjoy locations that encourage the spirit of the season. For example, lighting a candle at a Rila monestary is a great Christmas tradition for the people of Bulgaria to visit. You can enjoy those same traditions, like candle-lighting, and learn about new cultures. Taste the food, learn the history, and engage with the spectacular views. A trip can create amazing memories for your family to cherish for years to come and can be a great way to celebrate this season of gratitude and togetherness.

Improve your home.

Your home is a sanctuary for your whole family. You’ve laughed in your living room, cried at the kitchen table, and had life-changing conversations sitting on your bed. This year, instead of just waking up to presents on Christmas morning, how about waking up to some home improvements? Maybe it’s redoing your kitchen, adding a back porch, or finally finishing the basement. Remodeling or designing a piece of your house creates a new, exciting environment for your whole family to enjoy.

This process may take slightly longer than the twelve days of Christmas and you may not be able to afford it completely out of pocket. This is where home loans can be incredibly helpful in creating your dream space for the whole family to enjoy. Loanpal can help you secure the best loan rate for you. Your loan team should be dedicated to solving even the stickiest problems while working with you like you’re family. As a homeowner, your mortgage and home loans are important to you, so be sure complications don’t stand in the way of you creating a house you love and enjoy to wake up to on Christmas day.

Go all out with decorating.

If your family is really into Christmas, maybe your gift this year can be going over the top with your decorations. Go all out when you decorate the tree and celebrate the birth of Jesus with an angel’s candle and nativity scene. Get some advent candles to celebrate the week of advent with an advent wreath or by lighting candles together right within your home. Celebrating the reason for the season and creating a true winter wonderland in your home are great ways to go all out and enjoy the beauty together.

Give a gift that keeps on giving.

Sometimes the best presents last way beyond Christmas eve. Consider gifts for the family that will keep on giving for months or years to come. Even simple things like board games or an ice cream maker for your kitchen can be enjoyed way after Christmas ends. Another great option for these types of extravagant gifts is monthly subscription boxes. These can come in all shapes and sizes. For the wine lover in the family, you can send them a bottle a month for the rest of the year. Same with dessert or cheese of the month for a year. Even people who love makeup, socks, or almost anything you can think of will enjoy a gift that keeps on giving every month. This is a great way to remind your loved ones that they are special and loved all year round, not just during the holidays.

Give an experience.

A great gift to give someone is your time. If an extravagant trip is out of the question, you can still gift a great experience. Buy tickets to a show you’re the whole family can enjoy. Plan a nice day out to enjoy local Christmas traditions. Sign the family up for a community sports league you can all participate in together. Sometimes the best gifts are spending time with the people you love and doing fun things while you’re together.

Think about tech-savvy options

.The world around you is becoming more high-tech every day. So this Christmas, maybe the best gift you can give is one that catches up with the rest of the world, tech-wise. There are so many different items that can simplify and improve your life. Maybe your kids could use iPads to help them with their school work. Or an Alexa in the house could streamline everything and help you with your needs. What about Fitbits for the family to help everyone stay on top of their health? Take note of what you’re family is craving and what energy systems could put a smile on their face. With so many tech-savvy options, you’re sure to find the perfect gift for the 21st century.

Buy some fancy advent calendars.

It is Christmas after all, so why not continue to embrace the spirit of the season? If you really want to go over the top and enjoy the whole season, not just Christmas day, maybe you want to invest in a fun, unique advent calendar. Maybe every day gets you a special chocolate treat, or a different shot of expensive whiskey, or a new stuffed animal for your little ones. Heck, you can even get advent calendars for your cats and dogs. Whatever your family is interested in, chances are you can find a way to take that interest and turn it into a fun, new Christmas tradition.

Try some lavish foods and beverages.

Food brings people together. The cuisine can be a huge part of your Christmas traditions, so why not go all out with it this year. Splurge on a really great holiday meal with some fancy cocktails or expensive wine. The anticipation alone of enjoying some truly lavish food and beverage will be a gift in and of itself. Indulge in the things you enjoy as a family. Time spent around the dinner table isn’t just a time to enjoy great food, but to enjoy each other’s company as well.