Buying your new home comes with a lot of excitement, but keeping the excitement high all through your home’s life span depends on your maintenance culture. Maintenance can happen in several ways and can mean remodeling, renovation, and repair as a homeowner. Often, homeowners and contractors use these concepts interchangeably. This guide seeks to establish the differences between the three.

What is a repair?


Major appliance brands have established a time frame for their new products to perform at the highest-quality level. After that period, your appliances may begin to deteriorate in their operations. Sometimes, some appliances don’t get you through their entire life span due to several reasons, including production defects and electrical faults. That’s where repair projects come in handy. Repairing means modifying a device or piece of hardware to improve its efficiency.

Usually, a quick Google query like “appliance parts in Bend, OR” should lead you to several appliance repair accessory shops and repair technicians, such as if you’re in Oregon and its surrounding areas. But the home appliance industry is a huge marketplace with many brands. Some shops may specialize in specific brands, working in partnership with the major brands to improve the experience of brand users. Take that into consideration before choosing a technician for your repair needs.

Other shops can tailor their services around customers’ unique needs. Therefore, you’re likely to see many repair technicians favoring home service if most people in your community have strict business hours. Such people are often caught up in several tasks, and sparing time to explain their repair problems and supervise projects can be challenging. Bringing the repair service home can be a great option.

What does remodel mean?

Remodeling denotes making the old new. A quick example can be transforming your old, outdated bathroom into the modern and stylish bathroom of your dreams. Generally, the main objective of such projects is to change the usage of an existing space. For this reason, you need professional contractors with significant years of experience to manage your projects. For instance, for bathroom remodeling, you may require the services of technicians, architects, plumbers, and electricians.

Many bathroom remodeling companies act as a one-stop-shop so you don’t have to hire professionals individually. Luckily, finding an efficient remodeling company can be as simple as a Google search. You can search for “bathroom remodeling companies in Clearwater” if you’re around that area. Remodeling can be a costlier option compared to others, so comparing multiple price points and service offerings can be a great way to get the best deal on the market.

What is renovation?


This next method focuses on upgrading existing parts to meet new standards as trends change, taking your home or property to a new level. Often, contractors find new ways to improve the property’s value on the market by substituting old and nonfunctional parts for new and efficient ones.

The main difference between this home improvement method and the others is that it doesn’t cause changes to your property’s original design or layout. That means you may not need technical expertise for your projects, unlike the others. What’s better is that replacement projects can be more DIY-friendly. For instance, fixing a new window can be less challenging than altering the layout of your room.

All in all, the differences between the three different projects are inherent in the homeowner’s objective. Renovation can apply to homeowners in need of quick fixes and DIY solutions. Repairing or remodeling can work more to capital-intensive and long-term solutions. Knowing the differences between the options can be a great way to deploy effective maintenance to suit your budget and preferences.