In today’s digital world of automation and scalability, data is one of the most valuable resources available to any organization. Unfortunately, many enterprises are still encountering challenges with their digital transformations and are struggling to monetize data effectively. If your data streams are still running in disparate silos, then you have to rely on the manual transfer of data from one system to another to get a full picture of your business processes. This is a time-consuming process—not to mention one that’s prone to human error. Today’s organizations represent digital business, and they need connectors between their data sets to gain a competitive edge.

Effective API management makes it possible to integrate all business software into a single source of truth that allows industry leaders to gain actionable insights to make better decisions. This is largely made possible by streaming analytics, also known as event stream processing. A reliable streaming analytics platform lets business users track data in motion rather than reacting to data from the past. In Q2 of 2021, TIBCO received a great honor as TIBCO named a leader in the Forrester Wave, and they’ll be looking to continue their success in Q3.

What is the Forrester Wave?


The Forrester Wave is a guide developed by Forrester Research to advise customers on their purchasing options in the technology market. Forrester gives vendors the chance to participate in the evaluation policy, and in the event that they refuse, Forrester continues via their Incomplete Vendor Participation Policy.

The research is built by the participation of an analyst, research associate, vendor response team, and customer references. The research stage defines categories and the scope of the evaluation, and the analyst and RA will also guide vendors through the research process as they decide evaluation criteria. The vendors will then answer a questionnaire and demonstrate the effectiveness of their products and services. During this stage, the analyst will also interview customer references.

After data is collected, the analyst decides what the “best in class” for each category should look like, and vendors are scored based on how they stack up to the expectation. A courtesy review is then sent to each participant five days before the publication of the report. The latest report involved 22 criteria, and only 14 significant streaming analytics providers made the cut, including TIBCO.

Scalability and Ease of Development


These criteria were considered the most important for the report, and TIBCO software made it into the leader category along with Microsoft, Google, SAS, and Oracle. TIBCO also received the highest possible score for both development and market awareness. TIBCO streaming was praised for its focus on real-time insights that can help automate tasks or provide unrivaled business intelligence to leaders.

Simple-to-use development tools also make it easy to get TIBCO services running at a moment’s notice. Services can also be accessed on the TIBCO connected intelligence cloud or on business infrastructure, whether public or private.

TIBCO Spotfire


The full report also praised integrations with TIBCO Spotfire visual analytics software. Currently, in version 11, this software provides streaming analytics, predictive analytics, and geolocation analytics, all with easy-to-understand visuals in a single display.

Unless you’re a data scientist, raw data can be difficult to understand, but with a data visualization solution, business leaders can make quick decisions and easily explain them to shareholders. Spotfire also provides a simple mod framework that allows developers to customize visualizations and make the software compatible with more APIs.

Best of all, TIBCO Cloud Spotfire provides a 30-day free trial to any business. If you need a convenient and reliable streaming analytics solution, try out TIBCO’s services today and see what makes them a global leader.